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ツ Merry christmas cards to send friends , children , parents

Merry christmas cards to send friends , children , parents

christmas means something different to every person and family, but everyone appreciates a simple card,Christmas Wishes or a message.If the time to write your Christmas cards,Sending an actual card and Christmas Wishes through the mail for the holidays can be a refreshing change for the recipient that can increase their happiness if they might be feeling stressed out. Here are some wonderful Christmas messages and Christmas  Wishes that you can send this holiday you end each year before a desperately blank page, you will enjoy our texts models ready for use. The customizing is a breeze and it will be easy to YOUR letter do good to you, just by changing a few words.

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Merry christmas cards

Christmas card sent to a small child

"My dear treasure in this magical time, I think especially of you and wish you spend a very Merry Christmas. I hope your wishes will come true and that you will be really spoiled! 
I make you big kisses and loads you to embrace the whole family to me. "

Christmas card sent to "Little darling, 

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and I charge you to tell your parents that 
I think of their own in this festive period. Your little sister does not know 
how to read, so I count on you to make it a kiss from me. I hope you were very 
wise and that Santa will bring you a mountain of gifts. I embrace you stronger. "
"Hummmmmm ... Do you feel this good smell of gingerbread and Christmas cookies? 
It reminds me of so many childhood memories. I hope for you too this period is magical 
and festive gourmet "

Christmas card sent to friends

"Dear friends, I wish you a beautiful Christmas and New Year in the company of those you love peace, joy, feasting and gluttony. All the ingredients of a successful Christmas are at the rendezvous. We kiss you and tell you next year! "

Christmas card sent to"Dear friends, 

The spirit of Christmas is above all the warmth of a loving home, tender joy and the laughter of children, the pleasure of sharing ... We wish you a great family Christmas, surrounded by those you love. Merry Christmas and big kisses ""In this Christmas season, I think good to you and send you my warmest wishes. Have a great holidays, surrounded by those you love, in joy and harmony. I kiss you hard, Merry Christmas "

Christmas card sent to your darling (e)

"You are to me an infinitely valuable treasure that the most glittering gifts. Also, do not send me anything for Christmas that your words of love that I will read again and again. I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and I hope that many others will follow Christmas, that this time we will live together, united. "

Christmas card sent to "My dear, 

as I would like to live this Christmas at your side and share with you those warm moments! I promise that next year I will do everything not to be separated from you in this special period. Meanwhile, I hope that you enjoy a reunion with your family and you spend a good time. Merry Christmas and tender kisses. "

Christmas card sent to Christians

Christmas Cards"Dear friends, At this time of faith and hope, we send our loving thoughts. May this Christmas be full of fervor and joy, that love unites you all! Kisses to all the family and Merry Christmas!""In this time of Advent, I think of you and send you my warmest thoughts. 
That these preparations for Christmas time are full of joy and gaiety, that hope accompany you!" 
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Christmas card sent to his children

"My darlings, In this time of celebration, I think you very much and I wish you a very good Christmas. I wish we soyions together for this special celebration but since this is not possible, at least we will be together by thought. I will raise my glass to your health and wish you joy and happiness. Kisses. "Christmas card sent to his parents

Christmas card sent to "Dear parents, 

In this Christmas season, I think a lot about you. It is up to me such good childhood memories ... I think I still feel the smell of the turkey coming out of the oven! I see the sparkling garlands, animated meals where we feasted as they were laughing We were happy to be together, just.. that's what I call a real Christmas I hope we will soon have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with my family again. "