Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy St Patrick's day Religious,Images,Quotes,Pictures,Greeting,Cards,Messages for Facebook | Whatsapp

Happy St.Patrick’s Day you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for religious purposes or just enjoy the Chicago river turning green, wishing the luck of the Irish to your family and friends is easy with a card or e-mail. Choosing from our list of St. Patrick’s Day sayings will help you create the best St. Patrick’s Day wishes to send out to everyone you know. From funny to serious, you can find St. Patrick’s Day quotes here to suit everyone. So, look around the website to design your own St. Patrick’s Day message and send it today. wish you a terrific green day!

Here we collected Best St.Patricks Day Images, Pictures, Wallpapers, Greetings St.Patricks Day Quotes, Poems, Messages and wishes 2016 Share with your friends, girl friend, boy friend and family members on Facebook ,Twitter  , LinkedIn , Xing , Renren , Google plus , LinkedIn Pulse , Snapchat , Tumbler , Pinterest , Twoo , MyMFB , Instagram , WhatsApp and other Social Media Sites

Happy St Patrick's day Religious,Images,Quotes,Pictures,Greetings,Cards,Poems,Messages 

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St Patrick's day Messages | Quotes

The more I know you, the more you mean to me. You fill my life with hope and you make me happy. The luck of the Irish may have brought me to you, but it was your heart of gold that has kept our love true! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

No leprechaun could keep my love from growing in fact, it’s Dublin! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I don’t know why the Irish would limit their "Kiss-mandate" to just one day. Just so you know, I like being kissed EVERYDAY! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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I have the most wonderful person to share my life with today. I love you for so many reasons and I love you so many ways. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Kissing a stone is so passe’. Kiss me if you want some real action! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Not just on St. Patty’s Day, my likes for ye runs day after day!

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Religious St. Patrick’s Day Quotes

Hoping that you stay happy, blessed, and full of life! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Great things, good things, and everyday things, too. That’s my hope for you! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
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For every day that you spend there, may it be colored with happiness and full of care. For every day that you see come true, may your life shine bright and may good things come to you! Blessings on St. Patrick’s Day and always!

May the blessings of God keep you happy and healthy on St. Patrick’s Day and always!

Irish music, Irish joy Praying God will bless you to enjoy! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Happy St Patrick's day Poems

I wish you health, I wish you wealth,
I wish you happiness galore.
I wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day,
what could I wish you more?

Top of the mornin' and all day too.
May the luck of the Irish, be shinin' on you!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May you always have the luck of the Irish!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May good luck go with you
wherever you go!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Love and kisses,
and all sorts of good wishes!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Sending you shamrocks and smiles. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May your blessings outnumber
the shamrocks that grow!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St Patrick's day Greeting Cards 

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Yes, it’s true that I could have said that it’s me. But, what fun would telling my name be? Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Your Secret Pal!

Sending you rainbows of happy wishes and pots of lucky gold for a great St. Patrick's Day!

As wonderful as the top o’ the morning! That’s you Happy St. Patrick’s Day From A Secret Pal aka "You don’t know who!"

Wish I could let you in on this little Irish secret, but if I do that leprechaun won’t give me the gold I’m supposed to get! Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Your Secret Buddy!

Here's a gift to make your Irish eyes smile. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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Happy St Patrick's Day May the Irish luck be yours, on St.Patrick's Day.

May a leprechaun give you all the riches that you can gain. But, may he not be careless by slipping you my name. Happy St. Patrick’s Day From A Secret Friend!



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